Achieve BC
This Web site brings together the latest educational tools and information for promoting learning and achievement in early childhood, grade school,
post-secondary education, and the world of work.

Association for Co-op Education
The Association for Co-operative Education in British Columbia/Yukon (ACE) is a provincial non-profit organization of all post-secondary institutions in the region that offer co-operative education programs.

BC Council on Admission and Transfer
Student's online guide to transfer between British Columbia post-secondary institutions.

BC Work InfoNet Youth
This site contains various information regarding working, education, labour market, training, and career exploration.

Business Council of BC
The Business Council of British Columbia, established in 1966, is an association representing approximately 200 large and medium-sized enterprises engaged in business in British Columbia. Our members are drawn from all major sectors of the provincial economy, including forest products, mining, manufacturing, transportation, agri-food, telecommunications, information technology, financial services, energy, tourism, retail, construction, healthcare, education and the professions. Taken together, the corporate members and the associations affiliated with the Business Council are responsible for one-quarter of all jobs in British Columbia.

A guide to Canadian universities and community colleges. Information about every university and college in Canada along with their available programs. Expanded information for professional schools. Site also includes information for getting into university, resources for current and students who have graduated.

Career and College Planning Resources
Making existing career and technical online resources easier to find including:
• Career Exploration and College Planning
• Tutorials and Learning Resources for Vocational Students
• Skills for Today's workforce
• Technical School Locators
• Job Market Resources
• Career and Technical Education Resources
• Vocational Curriculum, Vocational Related Lesson Plans and Integrated

Academic Resources Contributing to a greater awareness of the Vocational / Career and Technical education system. Creating a central location for Career and Technical Education resources for students and educational professionals.

Career Cruising
Career Cruising has been designed with one goal in mind: to help students plan their future. With exceptional assessment tools, detailed occupation profiles, and comprehensive post-secondary education information, students move seamlessly through the career exploration and planning process. At the same time, you have access to the real-time information and statistics you need to track your progress and achievement.

Career Directions
This guide provides common sense information about 186 occupations. It focuses on six paths for continued learning: community college, CEGEP, trades/technical training, apprenticeship, on-the-job training, and other specialized training. It points out some of the paths that different occupations can lead to, and provides tips on finding further information.

Career Education Society of BC
The CES Career Education Society is a BC based, non-profit organization of people in education, business, industry, labour, government and private organizations who work together to champion career and learning management as an essential life skill.

Career Gateways
A site designed to assist teachers or individual students in applying many different labour market and career development resources to their career planning process.

Career Planner provides online career tests, 1 on 1 career counseling sessions with leading headhunters and recruiters, and free career planning information, advice and ideas. Plus we have links to other high quality career and job sites.

Career Planning For Students and Parents
This site is for students and parents who are looking for information about: careers, going to post-secondary education or training, and the world of work. The site contains useful information about the career planning process, as well as practical help for things like finding a training program that matches your interests, creating a resume, or applying for a scholarship.

Career Paths Online
A BC youth-oriented web site that features a blend of inspiring career stories, labour market information, and self-assessment tools. It includes the interactive 10-step Career Planning Guide.

Essential Skills (HRSDC)
This site provides free and easy-to-use tools to help learners, employers and practitioners take action on literacy and essential skills.

Industry Training Authority
The Industry Training Authority (ITA) is a provincial government agency, which became operative in early 2004, with legislated responsibility to govern and develop the industry training system in B.C.

The ITA is working with industry, people who are pursuing training, and training providers to develop an approach that will effectively meet industry training needs, now and in the future. Improved approaches to skills training will position B.C. for economic success, and provide opportunities to individual British Columbians.

Job Boom
This 2005/2006 directory of the best employment and training sites on the Internet today is the product of an original initiative designed to help Canadians — particularly young Canadians — choose and manage their careers.

Job Futures 2000

This site provides a Canadian perspective on over 200 occupational groupings. It includes information on job duties, earnings, training required, and work prospects for each group. It also provides an overview of labour market trends.

Jobs, Workers, Training & Careers
This is an extensive site that provides information and resources for both teachers and students. It allows teacher to access research documents and databases, curriculum information and different associations and departments of education. For the students there are links for self-assessment quizzes, job listings, and career planning and exploration tools.

Mapping your Future
Mapping Your Future is a national collaborative, public-service project of the financial aid industry - bringing together the expertise of the industry to provide free college, career, financial aid, and financial literacy services for students, families, and schools.
Have fun getting to know yourself a little better with interactive tools and quizzes to explore careers availble. Check out salaries of different jobs, see what jobs are on the riseand how you can benefit.

National Occupation Classification
The NOC 2001 provides a standardized framework for organizing the world of work in a manageable, understandable and coherent system and has been successfully implemented in a number of major applications over the past decade. It is based on extensive occupational research, analysis and consultation conducted across the country, reflecting the changes in the Canadian labour market.

Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) of BC
The Private Career Training Institutions Agency (PCTIA) has responsibility under the Private Career Training Institutions Act to: Provide consumer protection to the students and prospective students of registered institutions; Establish standards of quality that must be met by accredited institutions; Establish and manage the Student Training Completion Fund.

Salary Expert – salary calculator is a leading provider of online salary data, serving individual employees, HR professionals, compensation specialists, managers, and Boards (both for-profit and not-for-profit).

Skilled Trades: A Career You Can Build On
"Careers in Trades" website is where you will find everything you need to know about careers in skilled trades and why choosing such careers make so much sense.
• Information for Youth: Learn why apprenticeships and careers in skilled trades are excellent choices
• Information for Educators: Help your students make good career choices
• Information for Parents: Help your kids make good career choices
• Information for Employers: Hiring apprentices makes good business sense
• Information for Media: Everything you need to know about careers in skilled trades and why Canada needs more tradespeople

Skills Canada BC
Skills Canada BC is a provincial not-for-profit agency led by a team of passionate volunteers and skilled staff who actively promote careers in the skilled trades and technologies to British Columbia youth as sources of meaningful work and vital components to a strong provincial economy.

Start Now! Work Futures for Entry Level Jobs
This site provides information about careers in B.C. Included are occupational descriptions and employment prospects for occupations that permit entry into the labour market with little or no post-secondary education and little or no previous work experience. It contains profiles of career areas; each profile has information on what it's like to work in that field, job prospects, earnings, what skills are needed and what careers are possible with further training or education.

Surfing for Work
Welcome to BC WorkInfoNet's online work search tutorial! The tutorial will give you a brief introduction to using the Internet as a tool to find work and develop your career here in British Columbia.

Whats key?
What’s Key in Labour Market Information for BC is a catalogue of selected resources for British Columbia career practitioners, young people and adult job-seekers.

Work Futures BC Occupational Outlooks
Work Futures provides a comprehensive description of close to 200 occupations as they relate directly to the B.C. labour market. It is for students, individuals interested in changing careers or re-entering the labour market, and for career practitioners.

Workscene: BC Work Futures for Youth
WorkScene contains close to 200 profiles of career areas. Each profile includes detailed info on what it's like to work in that field, where the jobs are, how many jobs there are, how much money people in the field make, what skills the industry is looking for and more.

Yahoo Hot Jobs
Take an assessment test to determine the right career choice for you.

“Whether you need a hand finding a job or would like to start your own business, it is all here at your fingertips on! On this site, you will find information ranging from health and education programs to sports and cultural activities. Best of all, these services are specific to the community you live. Simply click on "In Your Community" on the left hand topic area and you will find any information categories which relate to your community!”